Trailer Released
Trailer Released
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Check out our new trailer, Unbreakable Threads. It features interviews with Zach Wahls, who is an inspirational role model, raised by two loving moms. Our very own Houston mayor, Annise Parker, also shares her own words of wisdom and personal story.

Now I know why people say ‘Labor of Love’. This project began exactly like that. Being an elementary school teacher, I always wanted to make sure that every child was treated the same and that they felt their family was just as special as everybody else’s.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and having lived in San Francisco and England, I wanted to help raise awareness of the many different types of families in Houston, today.

I teamed up with Adam Richard and Heikki Mustonen. Adam was born and raised in Houston, and is an expert in the field of photography and web design. Heikki was born in Finland and raised in Switzerland, and has the ability to show it takes more than just creativity to put together a documentary narrative.

This journey has been very emotional and serious, as well as fun and rewarding at the same time. We have all been so fortunate to work together on this project and have met the most amazing families along the way.

Heikki, Adam and I came together because we all believe that children should feel happy and comfortable with whatever type of family they have.

I hope when watching this trailer, one can appreciate and embrace all of the many different families of today, as well as their own.




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