Making of the Film

How did you meet your interview subjects?

We met our subjects through various friends, groups and referrals, university faculty and newspaper and internet. We wanted to make sure we had a well-rounded diverse group as well as typical everyday families everyone could relate to.

What aspect of filming surprised you the most?

I never realized how big a community same-sex families were in Houston, Texas. I was very taken by so many people wanting to help and become involved, including the Mayor of Houston. I also didn’t know that many families still have to live uncomfortably
for fear of being ridiculed, judged or bullied.

What is your intended impact for the film?

We wanted to raise public awareness of the many different families of today. Whether they are heterosexual, homosexual, transgender or bisexual, all children growing up should feel proud of their families. We would like to see every child go to school, feel safe and be happy.